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Wijsman Schoenherstellers / Wijsman Cobblers is the authorized Red Wing repair center for the Netherlands/Benelux and provides its service to Europe and the rest of the world.

We provide the complete repair of your Red Wing's with the original parts, directly from the Red Wing factory. You can send your Red Wing's to us. After recieving the shoes you recieve an e-mail with payment information. After receipt of your payment the shoes wil be send back. This wil take about 7/8 working days. Do not forget to add your name, address and E-mail adress!!!!

What do we do with your Red Wing's?

We remove the complete sole from the shaft, we  clean the upperleather, check the internal goodyear-stitching and repair as needed. Re-shape the upperleather and innersole, repair or renew the cork-inlay. Glue and goodyear-stitch the mid-sole, and then gleu the sole to the midsole (Traction Tred's/Logger's) or directly stitch the sole to the shaft (Cork/Roccia-sole's).

With,  Cork/Roccia sole's, we attach and nail the Red Wing heel to the sole/shaft.

Finshing the edge like Red Wing, and wax and oil up the leather, with , specially developed for that type of leather, care product.

So they are original and like new.

And if you want, whe can interchange the sole's from Red Wing, to make him special or up to date for you. Whe can also make a special sole, multiple layers of leather and rubber. Ask for it? Make them realy special!  Its hot in Japan.


And off course, whe can do that with every brand of shoes. And....we ship for free trough almost all of Europe, see the list down below.

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The Red Wing sole's:
Check for different style's:
 Traction Tred: white-black
€ 95,-
 Coffee Traction Tred, (2940)
€ 97,50
 Euro Traction Tred - white € 95,-
 Niltrile cork : brown-Black
€ 105,-
Nitrile Cork - black
€ 105,-
Neoprene Cord € 110,-
Roccia € 110,-
Vibram lugger €105,-
Heels (no free shipping)
€ 45,00
NEW: deep steam cleaning+TLC € 15,->€ 25,-


Order your high quality Red Wing Laces and Care Produkts with your repair!

Laces € 5,95
 Laces Leather  € 14,95
All Natural Boot Oil € 17,90
All Natural Conditioner  € 13.90
Mink Oil  € 9.90
Leather Cleaner  € 9,90



Denmark Free





Great Britain

Sweden Free
Norway € 15,-
Switzerland € 15,-

Other Country's,

even Worldwide


for info


Ho to handle:

send them to our repair-center, with your name, phone-number, adress and e-mailadress. Write down what you want and whe send you a email with paymentinformation as soon as they arrive at our center, or contact you first for further information.


Also let us no if you pay with:

international Bank Transfer, free,

or with Paypal, Visa or Mastercard. +3,5%,

Turnovertime is approximate 1 to 2 weeks, (depending how busy) average is 5 workdays, rework 10 workdays, return shipping with GLS/DHL


And of course we repair all brands of shoes with the same high quality.

We hope to see, and repair your schoes soon!

--No rights can be derived from this information--



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